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White Flag Self-Sustainable Ocean Cleaning System

White Flag Self-Sustainable Ocean Cleaning System

The main criteria for countries' membership in the OACM group represents acclaiming the White Flag CSMA that provides protected and safe marine plastic-free areas to local people and tourists, together by improving the safety of aquatic and marine life, preventing the plastic pollution and suffocation.

The White Flag is the only symbol that represents these areas, and it is considered as Self-Sustainable Ocean Cleaning System (SSOCS) that has been introduced as the only concrete protection, preservation and cleaning system for oceans, lakes, and rivers. White Flag unique concept also represents the collaboration of government structures (both local and national) and the corporate sector that has met high standards regarding corporate social responsibility and has the interest for environmental protection.

White Flag SSOCS and OCEPS (Oceans Communication, Education, and Promotion System) systems have revolutionized the protection of the oceans, lakes, and rivers and they are expanding in high speed among counties and their governmental infrastructure.


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