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SAFE Whiteflag Beach Group

SAFE Whiteflag Beach Group

One of the most popular and most frequently visited places for human activity are beaches and in the tourism industry, they are a symbol of hope. Unfortunately, these places are no longer safe for humans or aquatic life. They are filled with plastic, broken glass, cans, car batteries, sharp metal objects, etc., which pose a direct threat to humans and animals. These dangerous non-degradable objects are not easy to spot from the surface, but they are there and they are a danger to people.

The Safe Whiteflag Beach group symbol and certificate are the only symbol and certificate in the world that are a guarantee of SAFE areas. Before these zones are proclaimed as safe zones, there are high standards and procedures that need to be met. This can only be done if the official Whiteflag divers physically clean these places from the dangerous and toxic objects. To proclaim a SAFE beach zone, it can take up to a month of hard work carried out by divers and others on the beach and the seabed. The amount of non-degradable waste and dangerous objects, as well as the visibility under the water surface, depend on the time of the year when the actual cleaning is done.

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