Sustainable Ocean Tourism Development

Sustainable Ocean Tourism Development

Sustainable Ocean Tourism Development

The SOTD (Sustainable Ocean Tourism Development) project has been created to minimize the plastic print that the tourism industry leaves on the global level. The global tourism industry is one of the highest growing industries on which many countries build their economic platforms and on which they depend. In order to preserve the natural resources of these countries, such as oceans, lakes, and rivers, as well as sustain the natural balance in the natural water resources, OACM has launched the SOTD program. SOTD will effectively unite all segments of this industry: the hotel sector, the world-leading tour operators, travel agencies, airline companies, hotel equipment suppliers. All these segments of the tourism industry will have a direct effect on the preservation and protection of the aforementioned areas by participating in the direct act of cleaning the areas such as hotel beaches, yacht marinas, national parks and other wild marine areas from plastic and other non-degradable toxic waste that is endangering aquatic and human life on this planet. This direct act of preservation, protection, and cleaning will, for the first time, create actual results in the number of tons of plastic and non-degradable waste that will be extracted from oceans, lakes, and rivers.

Uniting all segments of the tourism industry will result not only in concrete results in minimizing the marine debris and in the amount of toxic waste being taken out of oceans but also in the raising of the global awareness among the public and in the education of the next generation about this constantly growing problem.

The unification of all tourism sectors will provide us with an enormous network and communication channels which have never before been introduced to the public and this will give us a wide array of possibilities to communicate with not only the tourism industry but also the global public audience.

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