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WTM Fair

WTM Fair

This strategic partnership is crucial for reaching the high-level position that governments have in order to be able to implement the OACM/SOTD system in the governmental infrastructure around the world. The WTM Fair is one of the most important global fairs where the latest developments in the tourism industry are presented and where new strategies for global tourism development are created. OACM/SOTD will be, for the second time, presented at this fair together with the countries that are part of this alliance. In the next few years, OACM will present itself, as well as its partnerships with other global organizations, in order to become more efficient in the protection of oceans, lakes, and rivers around the world by expanding the areas free of plastic and non-degradable debris.

In the next three years, OACM will develop partnerships with other significant global fairs in general in order to expand the alliance and safe marine areas around the world. In close cooperation with OACM, each of these fairs will set new ocean protection standards in the tourism industry and other corporate sectors around the world. This will result in concrete direct action concerning the world’s waters and it will ensure a green and blue future for our oceans.

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