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Tour Operators

Tour Operators

The partnership with the world’s tour operators plays an essential role in the OACM/SOTD educational system which is based on raising awareness in the global population and the tourism industry. Such business entities are at the very top of the tourism industry and they are the link between tourists, the public, and the areas to which they travel. By using this segment of the tourism industry, OACM will be able to reach a wider global audience, educate them about the existing problem and provide them with the direct solution to which they can contribute personally. Tour operators have an enormous reach within the advertising sector which can be effectively used to promote and set new standards for OACM, as well as present the SOTD program to the general public.

Together with other segments of the tourism industry that are part of OACM, this will create a synergy which will give positive results and good PR and marketing opportunities for the industry.

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