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Ocean Impact

Ocean Impact

In order to create an impact on oceans in terms of stopping the pollution and minimizing the non-degradable waste on the seabed, the first step is to bring continents and countries together and to create new standards and procedures for resolving this problem.

Today’s most serious ocean plastic pollution is still an unanswered question. How can we make a true impact and stop this? The answer lies in the basic human philosophy. To make an impact, mankind needs to unite and OACM is a union of continents and countries working towards the common goal of developing a cleaning system which involves all parties like governments, the corporate sector, the private business sector, and world-leading organizations. The first step is to establish new, modern, and effective procedures for systematic cleaning. Once this step is taken, the second one will follow – preventing plastic from getting into oceans, lakes, and rivers, but this will be possible only if the mankind is united in this cause. The OACM project is the first step in this unification and a new approach to creating standards and procedures for the prevention of this problem.70% of the plastic is located on the seabed, while 30% is floating in ocean currents.

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