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OACM PR & Marketing System

OACM PR & Marketing System

OACM has built a network of various governmental, corporate, mainstream media and private sector contacts, which enables it to implement all of its benefits into this network and that is one of OACM’s strengths. Each country member is able to use these benefits for promoting its activities, its tourist offer or other corporate arrangements that other OACM members will be able to use in the future. This is one of the most creative PR and marketing solutions of our times and, taking into consideration the unique promotional and marketing system of Whiteflag International, it will help countries increase their economic and financial growth. Within the next three years, more than 40 countries will be connected by this unique promotional network.

Other benefits of this communication network will provide countries with new opportunities for the exchange of information and experience in various branches of the economic sector, but primarily the tourism industry. One part of the OACM PR and marketing system operates on the local level and it is based on the communication with the public using country exits, borders, airports, local ferry lines, road signs, national media channels and the school education system.

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