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OACM membership and White Flag increasing the economic growth of countries

OACM membership and White Flag increasing the economic growth of countries

Whiteflag International has developed a financing system which allows contribution to the countries that are implementing national laws and requirements committed to environmental protection in the tourism industry sector, through certification of White Flag Certified Safe Marine Areas (CSMAs).

This financing system is helping the governments all around the world to develop the more sustainable tourism in order to be more competitive in the global tourism industry market, together by preserving the countries' natural resources.

By implementing the national laws for hotels, beach owners, concession owners, marinas, harbors, and city ports, national parks, and reservoirs, aimed towards creation and expanding of White Flag CSMAs, the governments are directly helping their local tourism industry sector to be more competitive on the global market.

The initiative is being implemented in countries that are largely dependent on tourism as their tourism sector provides the significant income. This practice is directly increasing the countries' economic growth as it is positioning them as the leading tourist destinations in the world.

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