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OACM Credibility

OACM Credibility

To become a member of OACM, a country must submit its certified clean marine areas. OACM standards and procedures require that a country intervenes directly in cleaning the oceans, as well as protecting and preserving its natural water resources.

The OACM concept is a unique, harmonious combination of taking full advantage of a country’s natural resources and, at the same time, protecting them by using them in the country’s promotional activities to increase its economic growth.

The strength and credibility of the OACM project lie in the direct action taken in nature, which then brings about results in other commercial fields, in a country’s promotion, its global PR and image, the sustainable development of ocean tourism, the integration into the global promotional network and the new systematic development of rapidly advancing cleaning methods and ocean protection. 

This is the basis of OACM’s credibility – direct intervention and action.

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