White Flags for OACM members
15 Aug 2017

White Flags for OACM members

Two of our member countries will receive White Flags in the upcoming months. The first one will be Monaco, but this will not be its first White Flag. H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco will welcome their second White Flag for a physically cleaned marine area. The professional divers of the S.P.E.E.D. Unit will take care of the seabed cleaning process, but the location is still a matter of discussion. What we are looking forward to is the greater cause of expanding the safe marine area zones of the world.

Montenegro, however, will receive its first White Flag. Everyone says that the first is the sweetest, but we can confirm that the feeling is the same every time you invest your time and money for the greater good. The Montenegrin Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Mr. Pavle Radulović, will receive this symbol of a clean water area at the official ceremony that is in the planning process. Stay tuned!

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