Sustainable Ocean Tourism Development
27 Dec 2019

Sustainable Ocean Tourism Development

Constant  increasing growth of the global tourism industry sector and plastic print this industry leaves is a serious  threat and challenge for nations to deal within longe term.OACM group has been working for more than a decade to create and has already successfully integrated in tourism industry sustainable solutions that can help governments to deal with this problem.Term SOTD sustainable ocean tourism development is a apart of OACM SOS conservancy program that implicates providing tourism industry and tourists CSMA certified SAFE marine areas ( plastic free zones - beaches or marine areas mostly used by tourists for various activities ).This zones are consider to be safe for humans and aquatic life and require financial resources to create and obtain.This is one of the most fundamental basic tourism industry requirement that any serious nation need to be able to provide its tourists guests.SOTD helps nations to integrate this system into the governmental and corporate sector which enables them to be more competitive on the global tourism marked and manage its natural resources more efficient.A nations who integrates OACM SOS conservancy program and SOTD is investing in future development and increasing their economic growth in national tourism industry.

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