Plastic Ocean Summit 2021
27 Dec 2019

Plastic Ocean Summit 2021

08th to 09th April 2021 Island of Mali Losinj in Croatia will be host for Plastic Ocean Summit and Sustainable Ocean Tourism Development Fair that will host more than 80 nations from all over the world and world leading organizations ; UN, UNEP, UNWTO, UNESCO, WTO and many more.This summit will introduce to the world world first sustainable implmented protection, preservation and physicall cleaning system ( OACM SOS Conservancy Program ) that is succefully integrated globally in tourism industry sector.Among small nation island summit will host all the G7 nations and intorduce the largest ocean plastic extraction initiative  ever launched by governments and global corporationss supported by G7.More than 20 head of states, prime ministers, presidents, members of royal families will be awarded with "Water Drop Award " for their direct and concrete involvement in ocean, lakes and rivers protection and cleaning.POS Plastic Ocean Summit concept is based on providing concrete measures and implementable solutions to the governments and world organizations in collaboration with global corporatins to deal with todays most intimate threat to human kind, ocean pollution.

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