OACM - Sustainable Ocean Tourism Development (SOTD) summit
16 May 2018

OACM - Sustainable Ocean Tourism Development (SOTD) summit

In March 2019, Malta will host the OACM - Sustainable Ocean Tourism Development (SOTD) summit that presents the world's first summit that combines environmental protection (ocean protection, preservation, and cleaning) and global tourism industry. This summit will be attended by more than 110 world countries that will implement the OACM system into their governments for developing more sustainable tourism development, including the economic growth through environmental protection.

One of the main topics of the summit will present countries' commitments to create and expand the White Flag Certified Safe Marine Areas (CSMAs) – plastic-free beaches and seabeds, to meet the high demands of tourists and to protect marine and aquatic life from plastic pollution and devastation at the most exposed and visited areas by locals and tourists. OACM Board members will introduce the complete integration and implementation of the OACM system in all segments of the tourism industry (including airline companies, tour operators, major hotel chains, small luxury hotel providers, global leisure cruise companies,  etc.)

Countries that will attend the summit will be guided on how to take an advantage of the OACM membership and the possibilities of global promotion aimed towards increasing the countries' economic growth and sustainability. The summit will be attended by major world organizations – such as EU, UN, UNWTO, UNESCO, FPA2 – including other NGOs and organizations that are working on concrete measures and solutions regarding environmental sustainability.

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