Meeting for the upcoming OACM launch
25 Aug 2017

Meeting for the upcoming OACM launch

OACM President, Kristijan Curavić, along with the Maltese Minister of Tourism, Jose Herrera, and Mark Farrugia from the Maltese Prime Minister’s Office had a meeting today regarding the OACM launch which will be held in 2018 at Malta.

At the official ceremony, Malta will receive its first White Flag award for the Blue Lagoon beach that will be accepted by the Prime Minister. By receiving the White Flag symbol, Malta will become a member of OACM and join other countries such as France, Italy, Monaco, Croatia, South Africa, Slovenia, Montenegro and Spain in the most significant battle for saving the oceans by taking effective and direct action.

For the promotion of this ceremony, a timer will be set on St George’s Square in Valletta, Malta, and it will count down the days until this exciting event.

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