Hotels providing SAFE beaches
27 Dec 2019

Hotels providing SAFE beaches

Global hotel industry sector plays one of the most important roles today in creating and expanding the CSMA - certifed SAFE marine areas and providing their customers and guests plastic free zones, beaches SAFE for human and aquatic life.Guests moslty spend their vacation time on the beach and by the sea, swiming, snorkelling during their stay in hotel or resort and by providing them with SAFE beaches they are directely communicating their environmental corporate responsibility and policy.By having White Flag International CSMA certificate they have completely new communication platforms which they can use globally or locally.OCEPS - ocean communication education and promotion system allows hotels to communicate with their guests locally in hotels souroundings and beach or marine areas through manual and digital means such as , road signs, flags, infoboards, QR scanned codes and digital monitor placed in various position innside and outside hotels.GEPN - global environment promotion network will completely change the hotel promotion and advertising system the next decade allowing them to become a part of the glboal solution in environmental  protection and allie in preservation of the oceans.

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