Ocean Communication, Educational & Promotional System

Integrated Communication System

Integrated Communication System

As it is its main priority, OACM continues to work on expanding safe zones and marine areas. In collaboration with other countries, the main focus will be to protect, clean, and expand areas which the general public is most likely to visit: beach areas and seaside zones.

These areas, once physically cleaned and protected, will be branded with communication signs and other resourceful communication means, depending on the size of the marine area and its terrain configuration. OACM OCEPS communication methods will not only play an essential role in keeping these areas clean and protected from further pollution, but they will also raise the general awareness and serve educational purposes. This is what makes this system so unique.

Pronouncing these marine areas as SAFE is one of the most concrete ways of protecting not only human life but also aquatic life and the marine eco-system below the water surface.

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